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Do you wonder?

Do you wonder why all that you were before is no more?

Do you wonder why the day tomorrow might be the same as today?

Do you wonder why it seems like time is frozen?

Do you wonder who God really is?

Do you wonder how the next income will come?

Do you wonder why love is so rare from others to you?

Do you wonder why life is precious?

Do you wonder how you can love yourself more?

Do you wonder how much God means in your life?

Do you wonder how big your faith in Him is?

Nomatter how much you wonder, God is with you, in you and around you, embracing you in grace.

Do you wonder why?

Because that is how precious you are to Him!
And that is all that really matters – and His love never stops <3 even if you stop loving Him <3

Enjoy your life in His embrace

Live in God’s love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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