The star to peace * invitation to humanity (us all)
I believe now is the time to find the channels to the world, that needs The Powerful Peacemakers to connect east and west, north and south, with new spirituality of Love, Compassion and Peace, balancing male and female energies with the help of all our wisdom and power – all to help humans and humanity find that inner star of peace beyond all and without words, where we all are One in One world.

Divine order jbf

Radical evolution of Self-love
Self-love stop all wars from inside out – and stop world turmoil in relationships, families, business, nations and religions
The creator of unconditional love (Live in love <3) program teach you how to love your Self
The Powerfull peacemaker <3 program – teach you how to share it with the world.



Due to this I have created the teaching/sharing, coaching and self-study programs for you to become one of those powerful peacemakers in your own sense and purpose – where You create your own powerful contribution to the world by building coherence through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength



The Keynotes, Teaching/sharing, coaching services and programs to for “I”, “WE”, “US”, all of “US”.
1) “I” – The Creator of Unconditional LOVE (Live in LOVE)
2) “I” – The Powerful Peacemaker (Spread love for peace)
3) “WE” – Insight 2 Impact Consciousness Program
4) “WE” – Purpose focused process for organisations for (radical change/innovation)
5) “US” – The 5 P’s (bottomlines) – from I-ness to One-ness