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An inner experience in God’s wholeness

Space, wideness, depth – unlimited empthiness – floating in complete light and love of all in Gods embrace

I AM nothing but an atom in God’s holy wholeness space

A tiny part of survival – but dispensable for the holy whole (as everything else in the universe)

A corn of rice in the whole rice field

A seed in the universal truth – that grows, to make wholeness complete – because thats the purpose in pure unselfishness

So we need to see, that a life is just one harvest season for the seed, a life as part of the wholeness of all lives – as below so above – in the wholeness of God

When you accept this, you take part to fullfil His purpose through unselfish love – and all is possible

Live love in God’s wholeness <3

<3 We are ONE <3

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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