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We are the ones we are waiting for!

Our consciousness increase rapidly (eXponential) these years, as the most amasing times in human history between 1976 – 2048, we are all on a great ride. It takes a lot of courage and change to lead yourself and others at these times, because not only we but all is changing with us, which mean we need new ways, new habits, and certainly new systems to thrive.

We move from incremental Ego systems to eXponential ECO systems.

And the change come from inside you and all around you.

You need adaptation tools in life and in work, and every day, every hour starts with a blank sheet, because noone has experienced this before, so best practise is the deathrow.

We need leaders of a different magnitude to Lead radical change in this new universe, that dare to question everything we ever learned, and live by.

New Purpose Leaders – Lead the Shift

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