We are free – just detach

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We are free – just detach

Nothing belongs to us – only God.
We own nothing – only God.
We have nothing – only God.

This body, soul, mind, spirit, emotions, desire – even the pain, tears, laughter, smile, sorrow, dream, happiness until the empthiness – has never been ours;

Who do we think we are?

When we say – she is my mother, he is my father, she is my wife, he is my husband, my children, my family, my company, my house, car, money, friend;

Who do we think we are?

When we say – I am a good person, I am a kind one, I am the best one, bad one, worst one ever, I am the sinner;

Who do we think we are?

When we say – I love you;
Who do we think we are?

When we talk about GOD.

The story;
I got this pain 2 minutes ago.
I suffered, could not move, could not breathe, drink, eat, could not talk – And I said to my pain;
Let me enjoy you, and I accept every hurt through me breath, my feelings and I flow through surrender.

Suddenly the pain said, even this pain is not yours.


Serve through God’s Love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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