We are all unique – and also One with all <3

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We are all unique – and also One with all <3

We share the same air, we share the same sun, we share the same moon and cosmic existence, and we share our Earth.

Actually we are all spirit beings with a human experience, with more or less conscious awareness of it all.

You could say that we are all part of different tribes of life, whether the human family, work, hobby, spiritual, political, religious, travelling, sport etc. or not’s – we are diverse in so many ways – but still we are all humans, and longing to live in the highest energy of love, compassion and peace as the major aim in life (conscious or not).

None of us can understand all, but the more we purify and open our mind, heart and soul to our cosmic understanding through our vibrational energies in ourself and others, we start seeing why we are here, and what purpose each of us has on this journey.

Each one of us have beliefs, talents and passion, different from anyone else. Each one of us have the option to explore which thoughts, beliefs, talents and passion and action fits in each life situation, and each have a human right to agree or disagree with others, as long as it does not harm anyone, to stay in trust and not fear, as we are all One.

Our biggest problem as humans is that we are basing most of our decisions on our individual beliefs and perceptions, in the instant or the second our outer senses register something, that we find to be right or wrong (polarity), and that without being conscious aware that our learning here in our human experience, is to be able to handle polarity (in a proper way) – as that is through seeing and experiencing the polarity, that we learn about ourself and others, and that is what grows your soul to become who You truly are.

Nothing is right or wrong – it just is.

Our universe is part of us and we are part of our universe – we are star dust, for a reason beyond our understanding – apart from that – thats what our evolution is all about, together as One with all.

That is God’s or our highest creator being’s gift for us (whatever you chose) – to live life itself in consciousness, so live it in love through being conscious aware.

Use time to purify yourself, your mind, your body, your soul – and most of all your heart from which you live in love <3

We are One – Love <3
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Jan B Frederiksen


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