Time for TRUTH Awakening

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The Storm is On – between truth and deceit
Time for TRUTH Awakening

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We as humanity in general have become so used to be lied to and deceived, that we think that what we have been lied to about/programmed by (which is now our belief, whether its from politics, religion, science, history, education, media – at times because we were unconscious), is the absolute truth.

So now we are not accepting that truth is truth, and we might have our different opinions and views, but our dialogs is mostly about protecting our mind programmed beliefs by our masters of enslavement, control and deceit.

May we all be blessed
May we all be healed
May we all be saved by Truth,
nomatter how ugly it is.

Truth sets humanity free.

Live in Truth <3

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Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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