*The star – bring us to Next level

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*The star – bring us to Next level

Our journey so far, has taken us to the next level of consciousness. As we continue to Listen and
Open, we reach for further experiences, steps and stages in the spiral of conscious evolution. We continue until we reach the highest human stage of remembering – where we are able to connect fully to a completely pure Heart STAR (Your True SELF).

You then can get the full complete message of what you really are here for – allowing the path to unfold in trust, gratitude and grace in God’s love.

All toxic thoughts and actions gone – our mind, body and soul are consciously resistant to any influences that might take us in the wrong direction of who we are – as we are continuous balancing our energy and vibrations to the situations at hand. We are meeting other souls on our way, assisting each other to grow in the process.

Synchronicity and miracles are now a full part of
the daily order. We are home – from there we can start our special creation in this life for ourselves and others.

The Heart STAR is our compass, our guide, our clarification and the creation of who we are – our soul’s highest ideal of our life here on Earth.

The Heart STAR is a pentagram and consist of Path (what direction are you on), Purpose (what’s your purpose in that
Planet (how will you contribute to all),
People (whom do you need to be with to fulfill
your purpose),
Practice (what are you creating to fulfill your path) – all in total balance, respecting the natural- and universal laws – in us and around us.

The WAY to get to that balance is by achieving the insights through Listening, make introspection with an Open heart, connecting you with Source through breathing by using the OM.
Cleaning up any negative influences or blockages with the Violet flame – setting the new amended direction with the Heart STAR.

Integration and creation is needed to impact from a more “pure” core of love, through compassion choosing peace.

The powers in play are your soul, spirit, heart, mind and body – totally interconnected and externally connected to the outside forces from our universe and all other influences.

It’s a process – like cause and effect – Practice is the effect of your causes Path, Purpose, Planet, People – which means that first you have to use all the powers to get balance between the P’s, to get a different effect – giving different results.

Understand your inner powers counterclockwise from
Soul (that send you messages – from the Divine level),
Body (that receive the message in many different forms, sense, pain etc. – on the Practical level), Mind (that use your logic to understand the body responses and clarifying the
causes – on Practical level), Heart (using your emotions to clarify what kind of message it relates to, which people are involved apart from yourself – on Emotional level), Spirit (clarifying if its
needed to raise to that level to understand the hidden message – finding the real cause from the Soul on the Divine level).

Start by really listening to your Body (message from Divine to Practical level) understanding that ease, unease as well as pain or sufferings are all your road signs. Then you learn and progress by using your Mind to clarify potential causes. Let the Heart deeply feel the emotions creating the causes, relating to your deepest spirit, by forgiving yourself and others.

When analyzing emotions through the Heart, remember we all have 3 main emotions to deal with and understand in all we do; SURVIVAL, CONTROL, RECOGNITION – all our doing and thinking has to do with one or more of these, so when we need to liberate ourselves, we have to understand why we do, say, think, feel and see what we do, based on who we are – to create coherence from inside-out.

In that process we also have to be aware of many feelings along with the surroundings based on our vibration and consciousness level at the time – willing to forgive all in the name of LOVE.

So be aware of our circumstances in Body, Mind, Soul, Divine and the life process itself.

There is direct correlation between pain, suffering and resistance. Suffering = Pain * Resistance
No resistance, means
No suffering.
Instead of resisting, start wondering of the amazing things happening to you out of your comfort zone.

Just remember, that whatever happens might have a scientific explanation – but always has a spiritual one.

Only through this we can learn to control our Ego-mind to become more servant than master, only through this we can really meet ourselves, in purity, clarity and to serve God’s purpose as well as our Souls.

That’s the alignment we need, for us to fully expand in God’s love, connection to Our True SELF.

So when we get into any situation we have to find the middle-way, so that we don’t tilt (both our
wings in action, controlled by the mind) – we have to find the absolute point between happiness and pain, which makes all ok, just different – but still keep us flying.

As described it’s a process getting to the fulfillment of your TRUE SELF – the inner Heart STAR is always guiding you. The outer Heart STAR gives your own practical translation of what you need
to clarify, experience, learn in order to progress. On your present stage of consciousness, the outer Heart STAR supports your direction by keeping the focus.

Carry your Heart STAR in you daily (like on a gyro) – clarifying frequently if you are progressing in the right direction; make the needed changes for every new stage towards Your True SELF.
What you will experience is that you find yourself getting closer and closer to the real manifestation as you are able to listen by opening further and further – thru connecting and choosing to remember.

The outer Heart STAR process goes like this;

Your Soul leads you to the Path >
Your Soul and Spirit leads you to your Purpose >
Your Heart, Spirit and Soul leads you to the Planet >
Your Mind, Heart, Spirit and Soul leads you to People >
Your Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Soul leads you to the Practice.

So to take part in the evolution of LOVE – use it all.

Below are some supporting questions for the Heart STAR process, followed by Heart STAR description examples?

Path (cause):
Why AM I here?
We all have a role to play in the world – sometimes we are not aware, finding it
hard to express. Elaborate in peace, silencing the mind in order to find the 3 describing words for your PATH – as a starting point for your Heart STAR description.

Purpose (cause):
What purpose AM I trying to fulfill?
We all have a Purpose on our Path, what we need to play out while on Earth, but again we are not always aware, so try to ask yourself in deepest possible reflection, in silence 21 times – WHAT AM I HERE FOR? Write all 21 answers down (take your time
to get the answers from the Soul/inner Self) – elaborate on the pattern of the answers, by using the last 5 answers to frame the text of your Purpose – you could even let it be input to your Path – text also!

Planet (cause):
How will I contribute?
Looking at how we contribute to the world, our morals/ ethics are often
challenged by the way we serve – which are very different from person to person. Giving without condition is a very powerful way for our own wellbeing.
Knowing your Path and Purpose – now try to elaborate on how you would like to contribute to the
world, communities, family, yourself. Using your knowledge of your best talents – how to put them in play – plan how to contribute to who and with what.
Contributing in ethic/ moral ways for the ones that really need your services – often gives a lot of inner happiness on every levels of consciousness.

People (cause):
Which PEOPLE do I want to attract in my life – with whom AM I going to have sustainable relationships, contributing, thus creating the results based on my Path, Purpose, and Planet.
A very important part of our life is about relationships with others in different form like spouses, friends, kids, colleagues etc., it’s mostly through these we learn a lot about ourselves.
Again being aware of the power in relationships, the love and the happiness it creates is not something we think about all the time.
Define what role you want to play in your life – seeing it from your purpose – define what complementary roles and the People you might need to fulfill your purpose
in the highest regard considering all. Be aware of your own behavior in relationships; be honest to yourself, to others becoming the best to solve issues of any kind.

Measure yourself in open honest discussions on how good You are at attracting the right people for you, with whom you can have deep relationships, where any issues can be talked about in trust, honesty with integrity.

Practice (effect):
Your focus on what brings LOVE to Your Self, and being with others are needed to bring you to LOVE fully.

Actually our body, mind and soul really want to be aligned towards the soul’s desire, so when you start using these tools you will see positive changes in all areas.

Start preparing what you would consider good practice in all parts of your life (Happiness, health, development, success, money, family, relationships, work, and community).

Often we don’t get the results we expect or dream of in life, as we move through life
circumstances in the spiral. So be aware of your practice and how you look at it, is important for your balance in life. Remember that true happiness equals experiences minus expectations.

The easiest way to impact is by changing your conscious and unconscious expectations to your self and others.

Define how you will measure your new practice, what you create and how you progress. Be sure to define your priorities – being aware of the balance between your intentions and your behavior.

What is your learning in life? They are not necessarily what are visible.

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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