******The star

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******The star

As described it’s a process getting to the fulfillment of your TRUE SELF – the inner Heart STAR is always guiding you. The outer Heart STAR gives your own practical translation of what you need
to clarify, experience, learn in order to progress. On your present stage of consciousness, the outer Heart STAR supports your direction by keeping the focus.

Carry your Heart STAR in you daily (like on a gyro) – clarifying frequently if you are progressing in the right direction; make the needed changes for every new stage towards Your True SELF.
What you will experience is that you find yourself getting closer and closer to the real manifestation as you are able to listen by opening further and further – thru connecting and choosing to remember.

The outer Heart STAR process goes like this;

So to take part in the evolution of LOVE – use it all.

Below are some supporting questions for the Heart STAR process, followed by Heart STAR description samples?

Path (cause):
Why AM I here?
We all have a role to play in the world – sometimes we are not aware, finding it
hard to express. Elaborate in peace, silencing the mind in order to find the 3 describing words for your PATH – as a starting point for your Heart STAR description.

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