*****The star

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*****The star

There is direct correlation between pain, suffering and resistance.
Suffering = Pain * Resistance
No resistance, means No suffering.
Instead of resisting, start wondering of the amazing things happening to you out of your comfort zone.

Just remember, that whatever happens might have a scientific explanation
– but always has a spiritual one.

Only through this we can learn to control our Ego-mind to become more servant than master, only through this we can really meet ourselves, in purity, clarity and to serve God’s purpose as well as
our Souls.

That’s the alignment we need, for us to fully expand in God’s love, connection to Our True SELF.

So when we get into any situation we have to find the middle-way, so that we don’t tilt (both our wings in action, controlled by the mind) – we have to find the absolute point between happiness and pain, which makes all ok, just different – but still keep us flying.

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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