***The star

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***The star

Cleaning up any negative influences or blockages with the Violet flame – setting the new amended direction
with the Heart STAR.

Integration and creation is needed to impact from a more "pure" core of love, through compassion choosing peace.

The powers in play are your Soul, Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body – totally interconnected and externally connected to the outside forces from our universe and all other influences.

It’s a process – like cause and effect – Practice is the effect of your causes
Path, Purpose, Planet, People – which means that first you have to use all the powers to get balance between the P’s, to get a different effect – giving different results.

Understand your inner powers counterclockwise from

Soul (that send you messages, from the divine level),

Body (that receive the message in many different forms, sense, pain etc. – on the practical level),

Mind (that use your logic to understand the body responses and clarifying the causes – on practical level),

Heart (using your emotions to clarify what kind of message it relates to, which people are involved apart from yourself – on emotional level),


Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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