Revelation of mankind religions

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Revelation of mankind religions

My dear brothers and sisters,

I dont believe any religion is enough to explain God (for me it is so much more than religion) because man has created his own version of what God teaches and none of the religions are true to Gods teaching (from the inside truth of love) – else the world wouldnt look like it does.

I believe there is ONE GOD and there was many messengers for us to learn from as humans, based on our consciousness level at the time, (whom we still dont fully understand).

I believe that only through our remembering of who we truly are inside out, connecting to GOD, we will be truly humans in a godly world.

When going through the gates of religions in a historic perspective, I have now studied and experienced by living through the main religions, and I see Islam as the latest and the most complete and covering most of what we need, without minimizing others faith, but still not lived complete of most humans, from the inside out, so God need still to help us correct our living.

I hope through living fully becoming Unconditional LOVE at heart, I will see what I am remembering from God, but the world might need a reform of the whole religious believe-system, which I would call the Love of Oneness belief – the esoteric view, which should be included in any belief and religious system. The closer we get to God’s love – in our true Self, the less we need to be right. Its not about you or me, but about YOU and ME.

I believe humans still use too much time trying to convince eachother about right or wrong instead of living in true pure nothingness in the Now and full awareness with GOD.

I hope God has a plan for this ( I feel He has) – and I hope we will take part in that somehow.

Live in love my brothers and sisters.

I love you all
in the New ONEness World of Love (ONE LOVE) ~ Jan B Frederiksen

Amen, Alhamdulillah <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen

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