Projects and donations

This area for insights to different projects we run and support – and where you can parttake with donation, volunteer work, sponsor, etc.

For all interested you can request our first e-book for just 20 USD – that goes directly to these projects. The book is titled “Live in Love” written by Jan B Frederiksen – giving you a great start to a lot of the tools for the adventure you are on.

Please request a copy on marked “e-book Live in Love”.

PROJECTS powered by S2P:

1) “Save children and nature” – overall program

One Planet – One Humanity – One love * Transformational Retreats will donate and will open for donations for “save children and nature” which aim to help street children feel loved, get food, education and shelter in the right way.

A project managed by Lilis Sri (Ellyssee) through The Star to Peace – movement.

Check it out on the fb:

> 1) Streetchildren and farming in Banjar – a social business program,

now open for donations, sponsoring and volounteer help. Please request prospect on

Executive conclusion of social business community program for streetchildren and farming in Banjar.

Through the Investment in 1,4 hectare land and creating a combination of Tree and Fish/chicken farming business projects in total 2.459.000.000 IDR/149.800 Euro, we are able to provide shelter, food and daily needs as the foundation for 40+ street-children to get a much better life, provide jobs in farmer areas for 3-6 younger generation people,  minimize the negative consequences of urbanization for so many families and create a profit of sales on trees after 9 years of 5.012.560/305.300 Euro. As such it creates funding for the expansion of the project after 9 years.

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2013-12-29 16.13.53

Do you wanna join/donate/help “save children`and nature” * send an email marked “save children and nature” or donate directly marked project/program or just “save children” to our bank-account (see Contact).