Polarity expanding into diversive ONEness

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Polarity expanding into diversive ONEness

A line is a simple linear thinking, created from point A to B.

To expand our conscious thinking add C, outside the line.

Very few things in life follows a strait line, but we have mostly been taught to think in either or and not both and, creating a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Just by adding one more point outside the line, we are able to think and express ourselves in a more expansive way.

If A is black and B is white, we can turn from white to black and viseversa, but if we add C, we suddenly get a triangle, with lots of shades of grey. (Which is our life reality)

To use our expansive mind we need to think in both and – not either or, always thinking in expanded triangels, opening up to more alternatives.

Try to expand your thinking on these examples;
Poor or rich
Black or white
Child or adult
Love or fear

Challenge your mind into new wordings and expression, of what the adding of the C means to the whole equation.

Suddenly it becomes easier to be ONE accepting all shades of something more whole.

There is not only to ways to all (A or B) but mio. of ways, if we learn to think differently (A and B and C ….. – and all included therein and between).

We become energy in motion, if you open to it, connecting ourselves to our expansive new consciousness of the universe.

We are all part of the same universe, unique in our diversity as individuals, shades of it all.

We are diversity in ONEness.

Live in ONE love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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