Note to God in gratefullness <3

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Note to God in gratefullness <3

My dear God – thank you for being present in my life and all.

Thanks for reaching out for me when I am falling.

Thanks for taking care of me in the dark moments.

Thanks for being my light in all days and nights.

Thanks for sharing your love unconditionally to me and my family – my sons Jannic, Jonas, Timmy and Sander – my daughters in law and all my 6 grandchildren, as well as all your special blessings for me and my wife Ellyssee, Lavina and our whole family in Banjar.

Thank you for letting me serve others in need, even in times when I didn’t feel good about it.

Thanks for bringing new blessed people into my life.

Thanks for your blessings for us to serve and share from unconditional love.

Thanks my God for allways being here for me and others.

I AM gratefull beyond words.

Amen <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen

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