New world – new Earth – new Man – and our New 10 c

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New world – new Earth – new Man – and our New 10 commandments from our One Prime Creator.

Accepting Gods challenge means accepting every moment as a new life in His service.

No limiting beliefs or systems including my own ego and others are allowed to stop my mission

No emotional pain should bring me down on my knees

No physical pain should stop me going forward

Only Gods divine blessings and guidance leads me through all in full surrender

God bless us all <3

Here is the 10 Commandments of our beloved Prime Creator to guide us in our individual responsibility to prepare for our Ascension following the led of Mother Terra/Earth/Heart which is already a 5th Dimensional planet.
This was written by Admiral Lord Sananda/Yeshua ben Josep/Jesus of Nazareth in Chapter 11 of the New Scriptures through Dr. Kathryn E. May on August 31, 2013. ~~~~~~~~~~
Let me give you one last definitive explanation of what is required for your personal ascension: `
1). You must maintain complete command over your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that you only permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace. `
2). Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and ideas which cause you doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others. Do not insist that you are simply addressing “reality.” These thoughts are all manifestations of Darkness, the Dark teachings of the past. `
3.) Understand that self-defense is only that. Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God. `
4). Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times. Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of this Creator. `
5). Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral creations on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend. Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your friends. You will all rise together, and you will receive great assistance from the other Kingdoms. `
6). Protect your planet as you would your child, for she is the source of Life. Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, regardless of any excuse that is given or any entitlement assumed. `
7). Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this all-important event. Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you. `
8). Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart. In this way, you allow your own ascension to occur effortlessly. `
9). Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say. Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace. `
10). Approach this challenge with Joy, for it is truly the stairway to Heaven. ““““`
These are my Commandments and the desire of my Heart, to see every one of my Earth children ascend in Joy, as all fulfill the destiny of humankind, to live in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension. They are Universal Laws, and living by these Laws will bring unfathomable happiness and fulfillment to every being on Earth and in the Heavens.
I give you my Love, my trust in your innate Nature, and the assistance of my trusted Masters to help ease your way. May your days be filled with Laughter and Joy. `~`~`~
I AM your Prime Creator.
Thank you beloved source of our being, Prime Creator of all that is. We are many of ONE love and light!

Live in love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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