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The New Practice Adventure – Mastering




Why do we need it?

New realities outside as well as inside demands a new mind-set in life, work and society.

What is the purpose?

Create our new practices for exploration – opening us for the new opportunities.


Who and where does New Practice help to expand bottom lines?

Current difficulties at personal levels

Personal level results


Insecurity about what’s happening

Understanding, Courage and motivation

Stress causing health issues

Sustainability and personal satisfaction

Frustration and lack of understanding

Greater creativity and more innovation

Current difficulties at organisational levels

Organizational level results


Disruption, insecurity and unrest

Open communication and shared focus, providing more with less to minimize costs

Need for change to tackle shifts in circumstances

Greater agility, responsiveness and willingness to adapt in innovative ways,  collaboration and co-creation to maximize innovation

Increasingly out of sync with leaders, employees, customers and business partners

New attitudes directly responsive to people’s and customer’s real needs, priorities and preferences to maximize turnover



 New Practices energizes the foundation, creating synergy by initiation;


Inner power triangle




Who am I really?

Who are we as an organisation?

How do we focus on what our customers really want?

What am I passionate about?

Which technologies and processes do we use?

Are we making people’s lives better?

Is what I’m doing viable?

Are our activities sustainable?

Is our approach sustainable? Do we use strategy as stretch?


Outer serving triangle




Who am I really?

Focus on here-and-now thoughts and actions

What kinds of opportunities do current/future technologies provide?

What am I passionate about?

How do actions affect other people and the surrounding environment?

How can these technologies be best used to meet customers’ changing requirements?

Is what I’m doing viable?

Are these activities sustainable in the long run?

Is our approach sustainable?


In conclusion the journey begins by mastering the Art of

Collaboration, Communication, Co-creation, Contribution


for your true adventurous power.

Ignite the passion of fire from within, let the creative you explore every new corner with excitement, bridging every gap in awe, facing the fog without fear waiting for it to clear, celebrate every little victory, rest in the breezes and the starlight of the night, while you and your fellow travellers know and expect the adventures to never end…………

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