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This nights Revelation

We as humans are here to evolve with the universe

Evolve You to evolve Earth to Evolve the Universe

So your life is to evolve Your body, mind and soul, to evolve humanity into 3.0 and beyond, to evolve with Earth into x.o, to evolve our Galaxy, to evolve our Universe, in the infinite.

As above so below, means every atom, cell, human, team, organisation, structure work for the higher evolution and are nothing without others, and as a cell evolves, goes away to give space for evolution, so do every part of us, in the infinite process of growing our universe, in us and outside us.

Thats why we have to be ONE with all in all we do growing to evolve ourself and others in a sustainable way, for us to grow, for humanity to grow, for earth and all her other living organisms to evolve, to play our part in the infinite plan of evolution in our Universe.

So become aware in all you think and do, inwoke your spirit and higher Self, to guide you, evolve to play your part in every life, every proces of the soul, every energy you receive and share, being You in all ONE for our Universal evolution.

#ONELove #OneHumanity #OneEarth #OneUniverse #InfiniteONE #ONEevolution

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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