New Divine Order

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New Divine Order ~ Mother Gaia

The New divine order – how to help yourself on divine, emotional and practical level to serve God and Mother Earth.

There is a new divine order, one of integrity, acceptance and devotion. It will take devotion and commitment to yourselves, thru self Love, self acceptance and 8 principles of integrity. You see, in order for me to heal, you first must heal yourself, so you are familiar with your highest integrity of wholeness. Responsibility is key, all must be responsible, which means responding to oneself, listening to oneself.

It is so important for when you follow your heart and go inside, you get the Clarity and the information to heal yourself, therefore in turn healing me.

The entire consciousness heals because we are all connected.

So when you become conscious, I become conscious and in turn awareness of all is born, so all wake up. All have a chance to rebirth, awakening to the new earth, free , clear, responsible, respectful, peaceful in unity and acceptance with all.

All One, all God, a sacred union for all humanity.

With Love, appreciation, grace and beauty, in oneness for all – Mother Gaia Sophia


New One Way (NOW)

8 NOW’s Powered by 7 universal laws (the kybalion) or hermatic principles:

Vibration – everything moves
Mentalism – all is mind
Correspondance – As above so below/as within so without
Cause and effect

The 8 NOW’s to infinite harmony

For “I AM”:

1 Silence to open power (accept e-motions) mind/perception
2 Breath consciously (re-direct energies) body/awareness
3 Listen in (speak truth) soul/essence
4 Connect to all (divine, man, earth) – selfcontrol
5 Live in love – soul/love
6 Serve consciosly – mind/power
7 Create simplicity – body/wisdom
8 Share infinitely – Oneness/ enlightenment

For Organizations:

The 8 NOW’s to continuous creation

1 Stop2start
2 Breath
3 Listen in
4 Connect and accept
5 contribute
6 Communicate
7 Collaborate
8 Co-Create

Every NOW is guided or powered by one or more of the 7 hermetic principles (whereof the first 3 mastered manifests the rest)

All is written in the Kabbala from where we start by creating body awareness, to essential nature, to selfcontrol, to wisdom, to enlightenment – a life spiral proces of learning and unlearning – depending on our will and consciousness of our service here as humans on earth.

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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