Love – Self-love is the way to Me

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Channeling Jesus.

Dear Friends of The Star to Peace – movement – reaching a 100 likes during this short times – makes me so proud and humble and motivates us to reach even higher for the right reasons. Thank you for joining us – and visit also the site www.
As you know we have our first transformation retreat underway – One Planet – One humanity – One Love – and honestly thats what it is all about – a path that seems far-reaching from where we all are now – but something we will reach during the next 100-300 years for all of us – and as such be able to handover to our followers in human bodies, and our own later re-incarnations. Its all about LOVE, about self-love – as from that comes the rest. But lets just give the word to our Lord himself; Live in love – Jan


Channeling from Jesus.

New world- Illuminate your life.

No stone is left unturned, no voice is left unheard, no humans will be left behind – but you all have to get ready for the new way.
Prepare for the ascension in your heart, mind and body, prepare for a different life – nothing is as it seems – nothing is real – only love. As life moves on so do you, nothing stands still – always in motion. When you go is a choice, who you are with is a choice, what you do is a choice. The fear sits in your body, driven by ego. And until you release that you will never feel free. Free in mind, body and soul. Take your time in silence to control the mind to release the body to free your soul from the bondage of your human limitations. Set you clock to NOW and let it stay there forever as there is nothing else. Time is illusion as so many other things – dont let yourself be bondaged by that.
All that is here already happened in your thoughts, so where do you have to look to change anything – in your mind of thoughts. Be quiet and never again think a thought without involving your heart.
Is this really what I want? Is this really me? – and if not, change the thoughts.
Beware of the words – words create worlds – as they are an effect of your thoughts.
Be kind in all you say – be kind in all you think – be kind in who you are. Be You.
May God be in you allways.
Brother Jesus <3

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