“love is”

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”Love is”

Actually I don’t know what to write about love, as it has so many forms, so much depth and such vastness like nothing else.

It’s all we seek – as we got the light from God – and His love to remember and share. So why are we here – To love more – to create more – to share more.

For each step we become more – more to our Self to be and share.

But why is love so difficult to define – what is it we really seek and why?

For me it is – the search for the way home to God. From Him we come and to Him we go back, but not only in this life but in all our lives. From our earliest incarnation we are here for a purpose and to learn to love more as God is love and we are here in His image to shine his love more and more. To do that we have to connect to our highest Self in every life and that’s the tuff part because not only is that our task – but all we do are measured in His light (not judged, but measured) and every time we make mistake or wrongdoing – he knows – and they build our karma for this and coming lives and we carry our past lives karma – good and bad.

All is a development process for our soul through our lives and when we reach our point of God-ness – which only He can see and accept – then we are fully ready to go back to Him – if we chose to do so.

Until then all is preparation and practice.

Everything is infinite and nothing is finite – so it doesn’t mean and end but a new beginning. Like in every particle of us and to stars and planets in the universe we go through spiral development – that continues forever. From universal birth to rebirth over and over. Just raising to the next realm (infinite). A never ending story of lives – all for shining more and more of God’s love to our Soul (Self) and others on this human plane.

Live in love <3image008

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