Life reality

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Life reality

Arriving home to Indonesia is both a pleasure and a pain, as compared to my homenation Denmark, we are here so much more confronted with the reality of life and death, living in extreme richness or severe poverty, is the daily order, and diversity so wide between rich and poor.

Some barely are able to get food everyday, and others are overfloated with luxury.

Our approach is just to support as best we can in families, most needy like broken homes, orphans etc. especially for the childrens food and nutrition, healtcare and education, and sometimes in emergency.

Even 50 euro/month makes a huge difference in a poor family here.

Below is a short story from my wife of who and how we help.

Would you like to help us giving the poor a better life – please donate to our org. all donation goes uncut to the ones needing most

Katrina is a single parent (widow) with two kids girls (Lulu and Maja), living in Jakarta, she has no job a part from part time working in a small shop with a small salary too which never could be enough to afford her living costs, even they have to manage the food for daily because of their limited money.
Many times they had to move into different places just because they can’t pay the rent cost of their small room. And unfortunately even Lulu got to school very late because of finance problem.

We know her from my brother as a good friend, and at that time we start to help them as best as we can.

Toni (16 years old)
Toni and his mother is our close neighbour, his father died when he was 6 years old.
Before the father passed away, they were a poor family, they live by working in some farming (rice field) that is owned by some rich people in our village.
It means when they asked him to work, then he got a job and some income, and when there is no job, they had to manage how to live without money. And the circumstances is going worse after the father’s death.
Then Toni’s mother has to work in a brick’s factory (even she is a woman), she has not got any choice to survive with her son, with the salary that is even too low compare to what their needs.
Until then she couldn’t send her son to go to school, but one of our neighbour here was willing to afford his school (junior high school for 3 years).

Nothing changed when Toni was graduated from junior high school, even the circumstances was coming more dramatic, where Toni and his mother decided to stop his school and he choose to find some job to help his mother finance.
At that time we were able and willing to help and keep Toni to continue his school to the high school and also taking care for their daily food. Now Toni is in the 10 grade already, as we try our best to keep helping them.
This year the government has created the new rule of school monthly payment (50 thousand rupiah) per month, which for most seems like nothing but for them a lot.
And we told them to not worry as we would love to help them still as best as we can.

Other needy people;

As we live in a village, we have a lot of poor elder people also, some of them are very sicks and having no more family who are able to help and take care of them.
So we also help them when we have more, and sadly do nothing when we couldn’t, apart from the food we have and able to be shared.

We surely need other hands and hearts to help the humanity, but we have no idea how to call them up, so we just do it our selves with our family here.

Based on our limitations of our resources, now we are focused to the orphan kids like Toni, Lulu and Maja for their right education’s and health (decent food).

Yours truly Ellyssee ❤

(Pics and names of families not the real ones. (~ jan))

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

Skype Janbfrederiksen

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