Life and death – <3

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Life and Death – equally important as a new form, a new beginning – another way to get to Him.

In His embrace all we need to do, is to accept all circumstances as we are immortal beings that go through different form of living – even death is alive.

One long process to bring His image of all – as its experienced from above as below – inside and outside.

The perspective is different – the process the same – we live to die and die to live and that is the same process whether we talk about quarts, particles, molecules, atoms, animals, humans, plants, stars and galactic starsystems.

So if you fear death, change your perspective to see death as a new chance in a new form.

So if you fear life – change your perception and start living fully in His loving embrace of all that is for your learning this time around.

Live in love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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