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Last minute (to live or die)

I pray for all
The small and tall
That they may know
About the show
(Last minute to show up)

The game is on
a show called life
Where some will live
And all will die
(Last minute to live)

The point I make
That life is not
Without the shot
But we should know
Where we are or not
(Last minute to know)

Cause through the fear
We stop to live
To live it where
There is no life
(Last minute to fear)

Then at the end
Its better to die

So look inside
to find your God
To meet your Self
As who he is
(Last minute to meet)

Cause noone there
Will make you die
As death is just
A way to life
(Last minute in life)

I know by heart
The road to take
As fear was there
To fill my life
(Last minute to chose)

It took some time
And to accept
That death is near
To pay the debt
(Last minute to pay)

For all we are
Is sure to die
But live your life
In joy, and love
As God will know
When it is time
(Last minute life)

Your task in life
Is to live it full
As you are here
To fill the hole
(Last minute to fill)

A hole that God
Can never take
As only you
Are human flesh
(Last minute in flesh)

But you are also soul
you say
And that will show
another day
(Last minute……….)

2018 will be our awakening to detachment from all, even death, through conscious awareness and being ONE, in body, mind and soul with God (our divine creator) and all.

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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