HUMAN GRACE – finding meaning and healing vol. 6 (for full AWAKENING

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HUMAN GRACE – finding meaning and healing vol. 6 (for full AWAKENING)

Your soul, body and mind Healing eternally.

Bill of divorse to lucifer and all fallen angels forever (put in your own name where is stated Lorna Lynne Borgeson, the Author)

How many spiritual warriors actually seek spiritual purification and liberation by exorcising their demons and releasing themselves from attachments to the lower astral plan?

The men and women in political positions indoctrinated in the "Dark Arts" are blinded by greed and drunk on the illusion of power. They have bought into the notion that they are powerful once they are indoctrinated into the ‘Black Arts’ when in fact they have given over their power to a ‘higher power’, they have given up their sovereignty. They are binding their spirit to the lower astral spirits they invoke for favors thus they have no power over anyone that has embodied their light. Just because these schmucks being indoctrinated as clergy and indoctrinated into the ‘Black Magic’ of the BAR ASSOCIATION are stupidly accepting what they are learning they have no right to bind my spirit and prevent my or any ones spiritual evolution.

I highly recommend everyone does an energetic detox by declaring an energetic divorce of all quantum entanglements to restore and reset their light body to zero point.

The divorse statements energy detox;

May we all be healed.
May we all be blessed.
May we all be enlightened.

Live in GOD our ONE Divine Creator’s eternal Love <3

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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