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HUMAN (DIS)GRACE – finding meaning/healing vol. 3 (for full AWAKENING)

A continuation of my digging into the TRUTH about everything, finding meaning, giving healing

David Wilcox on radiotalk discussion on this video about our higher purpose, 3D ignition, Cabal smoke and control, and why we have to break free, how we can do it, through courage and devotion to our Self, instead of more co- dependentcy, all for our higher consciousness, DNA, the cleaningup, The Event, The Law of ONE, SUN transformation, for humanity (downfall of the Cabal)

As this is a new way for me to contribute to the overall truth of everything, getting to the meaning of meaningless things, I would love your comments for my evaluations. Thank you for listening/watching.

Live in love <3 Jan *

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