Heart Walkers – for ONE love

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Heart Walkers – for ONE love

We welcome you to this open group, which is a group that shares own experiences of;

How to live a life in love as One, pushing us forward towards One Planet, One humanity, One Love

I am amazed by all your likes and messages the last days, and really hope to see us work together for love, oneness and serving the needy around us from unconditional love.

Thanks for liking
The star to peace – ONE is All, from where We send most messages of ONE love to the world.

Heart walkers <3 – Manifesto

You do not see us
You do not hear us
You may feel us
If you listen carefully within

We share love from our heart
We care for the people in need
We make our life simple
We share our love while we walk

We walk any – and everywhere
We share our love from God
We may be visible to you
If you see from your heart

One day you may walk with us
One day you share our love also
One day you will see your light
One day you will be your love

The day has come for us to walk
Hand in hand for love to all
Just to share love with others
God will show us where to walk

The road is our tempel
Your smile our payment
Our embrace in love we share
To show our love and care

You do not see us
You do not hear us
You may feel us
If you listen carefully within <3

Walk in love <3

Heart Walkers – for ONE love <3

Join our group Heart Walkers – for ONE love, so we can create, explore and support in our #ONELOVE communities around the world.


Www.thestartopeace.org / Heart Walkers program

Live in ONE love <3
Jan B Frederiksen

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen


Skype Janbfrederiksen

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