God’s infinite love and plan

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God’s infinite love and plan

Courage, trust, patience and faith are my gifts from God’s love – to help me conquer my limitations as human.

I need;

Courage to dare to go where I or anyone ever went before in both inner and outer.

Trust to keep me on track of the choice, to keep me moving – even when changes occur.

Patience to be able to not push anything – but keep the believe that God knows the time and pace for me and others in the perfect combination

Faith to keep going even in darkest times – as only my own light can show the way by Gods love.

I completely surrender to;

God’s power in love and light <3

God alone has the power to guide hearts.

God alone knows, what is needed for us humans, individually and collectively.

God alone has the plan for us to follow, not always to understand, but to accept and obey.

God alone has the power and love to let us know who we are – at the right time (divine time) – solely for His purpose and plan to be fulfilled.

God alone will guide us, as from Him we come and to Him we go.

God alone is the reason for your being.

Live in God’s love <3 <3 <3

serve and obey His intentions given to you in His Love <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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