Energy management, not time management

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Energy management, not time management

Learn deeply the key of Stephen Covey’s 2. and 3. habit (begin with the end in mind and first things first) by that, you learn to live only in important/not urgent quadrant II of life. But related to you life mission and vision – the fire within.

You have to make it so – by saying NO to a lot of your tasks, so they become an example of living truly through highest importance, and not by urgency.

The Quadrants 1-4 covering all;
Q1 urgent/important
Q2 non urgent/important
Q3 urgent/unimportant
Q4 non urgent/ unimportant

1 Scrap activities in Q3 n Q4 first ( you get 50% more time to do Q1 and Q2)
2 then focus on Q2 as that is where your mission and vision lies, and manage Q1 by using max. 40% of your time there.

Make priority A, B, C on every task

A Now
B can be done later
C have to wait

And you will slowly see C goes away by itself, B sometimes becomes A, but mostly becomes C

Plan weekly, replan daily, reflect on your life direction

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Jan B Frederiksen

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