Drain the swamp

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Unveil the Truth – extra Q (from my deepest heart – Continue to drain the swamp, please)


Editor: What is real about religions has become amended beliefs, (acting as if they come from GOD, our ONE Prime Creator Being, whom’s energy we all carry in each one of us) – transformed, by a non-spiritual being, into something that serves the purpose, that only wants power over the masses, to control the physical world, through deception, money and war, creating suffering for us – We the People (the slaves) – and that is whether its belief in ET’s, or the Holy books or Prophets, as a deception tool.

That goes for Vatican, Roman Empire as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, Ottoman Empire and many others, on different levels, down to a non spiritual- being priest or someone else using their anticipated worldly dominance, to commit horrifying crimes against humans/humanity.

All is a disgrace, misusing free will, mind controlling through programming, as we know from Matrix.

Its not only a disgrace to humanity, but to our whole universal evolution, towards conscious connected loving and caring beings in peace, as an image of our GOD, ONE Prime Creator Being.

In short, it is

GoOd vs. Evil, nomatter what it is called

New World Order?



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