Dear Sisters and Brothers,

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I need your help for healing the world by showering us all daily globally with ONE LOVE, so I plan to release and invite for daily prayers/meditations with different themes, as described below.

Before I do that – I make this little survey – so please give me your honest opinion;

Like = Good idea – might work
Comment = I Will attend most days
Share = Ok, just invite and I share

Below you see my introduction;

Virtual Daily – Prayer for ONE Love

Global Impact prayer/meditation – at 9pm local time – showering our world with syncronized Love waves – helping to prepare our

New One World (NOW)

Join the power of One Love and syncronized prayer and meditations – to serve us All

Prayer for One Love <3

A God prayer of love for humanity and Mother Earth <3

Join us from where you are at each Day at 9pm/your time, or another time at your convenience and rhythm.

Please make it viral with your share.

LOVE is ALL, Love is GOD, God is LOVE <3

Let us shower the world with God’s LOVE that we all carry in our deepest hearts, to make our commitment to One Love by practicing random acts of kindness with our love to each other daily, and enjoy our united progress week ly/daily in syncron prayer/ meditation sharing vibration, vision and rhythm.

The more people that joins virtually and directly – the bigger Love and good effect, so please invite friends, family and all from everywhere for the biggest impact from our ONE LOVE heart, to all our brothers and sisters, animals, plants, Mother Earth, Our One Creator, our guides and angels and our Universe, in which we live.

Please make it viral with your share.

Welcome to global LOVE prayers <3

For ONE love <3

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