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The Star to Peace guide you – from where you are to who you are <3

Live in love sessions:
1 hour
Live in Love – intro – for all

4 hours –
live in Love – empower yourself – for conscious meditators

16 hours –
live in love – learn to live in unconditional love – for all

The Powerfull peacemaker program:

1) 24 hours/ 12 weeks/ 2 hours p week or as

2) BALI Vipassana/Health/Healing Retreat on-site or by your choice – 12-16 people in 8-12 Days (activated on demand)

Results/ready for impact:
Month 1. – See your self (live in love)
Month 2. – Know your self (live in love) (a Love Walker)
Month 3. – Be your self (The powerfull peacemaker)

Drop a message if interested at Thestar2peace

Based on interest and commitment, we create scheduled events / skype sessions.

Live in love <3

Warm regards
Jan B Frederiksen

for easy
donating and payments use

thank you :)

Skype Janbfrederiksen

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