Conscious living <3

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Conscious living <3

From Lorna Richard

❤ The control grid is etheric we must work on raising the frequency of collective consciousness by raising the frequency of our body matrix. ❤ In raising the frequency of our own body matrix we raise the frequency of the planet. ❤
❤ Everyone must be responsible for the frequency of their own projections. We are the ones maintaining the control grid by way of our participation in lower density thoughts and emotions. Each person must be honest with themselves for their own anger, fear, and/or resentment. I invite each of us to look deep into our own heart space the source of our love to see what energy is residing here the space in which only love is supposed to reside. ❤
❤ Peace challenge for you! If we want world peace It is desirable for everyone to focus on a peaceful and loving heart everyday. Be in a state of non-reactivity. Take note if you are able to respond to the moment rather that react in anger, fear, and/or any of the other so called “negative” emotions. Being mindful is being conscious and conscientious of the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the emotions we express. Doing this means we are being responsible for our life. ❤
❤ Words are casting spells this is why it is called spelling. Cast your words wisely. Please join in on the global meditation every Sunday. From this moment until Sunday can we be in a state of non-reactivity? Then begin each week with the same intention to live life on purpose focusing on a peaceful and loving heart. ❤ ALL IS ONE! ❤ The one is in the ALL and the ALL is in the ONE! ❤
❤ Let’s create a tsunami of love to carry us all into the next greatest grandest version of our self! ❤ ❤ We must stop buying into a lesser version of ourselves. ❤
❤ Be the higher self which sees life with the eyes of understanding, compassion, and love. ❤

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen

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