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Be in love with life – Its only a choice away!
Science now has proven and accept what different religions, spiritual seekers etc. have known for thousands of years – THAT IT IS THE WAY WE “SEE” OUR LIFE – i.e. our beliefs and perceptions, THAT MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. LUCKY US – that means we can change it – it is all a mind-game.
It’s of outmost importance to understand that our biology works from only two major things – LOVE and FEAR – first one is what we are attracted to – second what we protect ourselves from. – “PhD. Bruce Lipton.”
Are you living from fear or love?
Are you in love with life? Does it give you the fulfillment you long for? Does it give you the experiences you really yearn for?
Let me ask you directly – where do you fit in?
1) Do you merely survive in your life?
2) Or, Do you live in your life or do you live others life?
3) Or, Do you love your life and does life love you?
4) Or, Are you passionate in love with life itself?
Give your answer a LIFE rating – 1) = 25%, 2) = 50%, 3) = 75%, 4) = 100% – do you see the difference now?
Now ask yourself, whether it is your ability to HANDLE (doing) life´s circumstances or the way you SEE life (being) it, that makes the difference?
Most of us we think CHANGE is difficult – so we stay where we are and live life on 25-50%. That’s enough you say. Well that’s not quiet how it works – THE CHANGE WILL COME WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT ONE DAY – at a time you don’t expect and always very inconvenient – THAT IS CALLED LIFE CRISES OF ANY KIND – and if you don’t know it – that’s when you get another chance for development, to become who you really are.
However why not take the CHANCE and consciously start going so you get more lifetimes on LIFE 100%.
“The star to peace” takes you from where you are 2 who you are.

True happiness is when; who you are, what you think, feel, say and do – are coherent

You create your own powerful contribution to Your Self and the world by building coherence through mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength.

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Thank you, take care 


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