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Within our Crystalline LightBody Structures we hold the ancient knowledge and holographic light keycodes for all of HUmanity here. It is through our EMBODIMENT of LIGHT that we activate this knowledge to share with all. It is through our continual dedication to fulfill our soul purposes and galactic missions that we are able to activate this within ourselves to share to assist, guide and connect up AS THE UNIFIED FIELD as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS to hold the CRYSTALLINE MATRIX GRIDWORK in place for all.

WE ARE the Gridwork of NEW Earth. We link up to all ancient power centers here and receive/transmit simultaneously as these frequencies are transmitted from every CRYSTAL and CRYSTAL CITY hidden beneath the earth and above. Our bodies, a framework of crystals that activate these holographic keycodes and evolve with the Sacred Chrysted Cosmic Light that activates every moment of each day, take these frequencies and WE, AS ANCHOR POINTS, hold the NEW EARTH HOLOGRAM in place. As we move about, the external hologram is changed. It is US that transmits the hologram NOW. WE are RESPONSIBLE for all of HUmanity from inside of us. Every one of us. WE ARE NEW EARTH NOW.

The RESPONSIBILITY of NEW Earth rests upon and within each one of us. What we DO, what we SAY, what we THINK, what we ALLOW…

This is great responsibility and to step into your roles, you must take this seriously and make it your priority NOW. This is not upon another, this is upon you. What you support, where you put your energy, how you use your resources, what your priority is in your own world/universe. YOU.

The physical reality you experience is a materialized frequency bandwidth all based upon what you believe and participate in. The cyclical feedback is between your physical body and that huge ‘big screen projector’ that you call reality out there. That projector changes the program/play as you change your frequencies yourself. Your honoring and assisting these Crystalline LightBody upgrades will speed up your ability to walk further on NEW Earth.

If you wake up and look out there and expect the same Old Earth, this is what you will see and experience, for your projection of expectation is what you experience in your physical reality world.

As you open your heart, stay present and aware, as you open your mind to more than you would have before, as you release the limits of needing things your way, AS you contribute to transformational change, as you focus your energy on KNOWING from your heart and recognizing an old program when it starts to play inside your body, you can change the frequency through your own MASTERY and watch the outcome change in response.

Your DESIRE from inside is how you do this. Your KNOWING without needing proof before you DO. Your doing what your higher-self-heart knows is what makes the difference here. What you DO, and what you are here to DO, are most important here.

In these higher realms, these higher frequency bandwidths, there are physical realities where PERFECTION already exists. It’s up to you to come to exist in this place again. You do this by honoring from within you. In every moment.

You must open your heart to BE here, you must stand in your POWER too. Both are required as you merge your Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects within you.

WE are the KEEPERS of ancient knowledge NOW. WE come forth more with every Cosmic Christed (Crystalline) upgrade embodied within every one of our cells. This knowledge streams through our Crystalline LightBodies with the PURITY OF SOURCE LIGHT.

This is not “one day” anymore. This is NOW. We’ve been upgrading for years in preparation for this. Many more are upgrading and going through their intensity now to clear the physical human density illusory programs that they once believed too. Transcending an entire human experience is a bigger experience than many comprehended before.

As Light BEings all join and work together as ONE. Separation gone, now all is just an obsolete program that clears cellular memory as you work in-service. You’ve achieved the ability to change illusions intentionally, understanding that the hologram is yours and that through the Embodiment of Light, your hologram now delivers that to you according to what you produce, share and transmit out. You’ve released the limits of the old by holding onto “yours”. You’ve come to honor above all and let all go that is not in alignment with higher light existence in your own physical reality world. You finally realized that allowing the old held you to an old frequency bandwidth reality and you transcended the separation in your world by loving all for their purposes they served and you moved on. You let go. You did not need the experience to understand anymore. This is beyond beautiful to do with an open heart. You were able to leave the old without putting the walls up or holding onto old holographic imprints you called memories before.

Your ability to work with holographic realities from within you, intentionally projecting new holograms and dissolving old ones is one of your MASTERY SKILLS. You have many with your ability to hold light. Dissolving old illusions and intentionally projecting into the perception of the future is another ability you COMMAND.

As you are no longer the Old Earth human. You are an integrated Light Hybrid called the ADVANCED NEW EARTH HUman. Your genetic coding has been restored to your original template that is pure. Your human body reconstructs itself by releasing the old imprints now. You’ve fulfilled your purpose of the Old Earth human and you’ve moved onto fulfilling your NEW EARTH purposes NOW.

The Old Earth mentality consciousness may still try to project fear of what is to come. These evolving light Being are working to transcend old program bandwidths of consciousness to clear their own lineage timelines and that which they held within as well. Anytime you see or hear from a place of protection, this is an old timeline. It’s up to you to identify and switch timelines by not participating in the old fear based illusions anymore. Those realities run in a loop of auto-programmed fear-based imprints that are no longer true for those now moving beyond. The need to protect or blame feeds lack-of-power consciousness and is the response of one that has given their power away and is still working to reclaim this from within. When you believe the old fear-based-scenarios, these become your physical realities again. Standing in INNER POWER is a MASTERY SKILL as well, rather than giving in to old human programs. Once this occurs, peace and freedom become one’s new way of being on NEW EARTH here. Here, there is nothing to protect ourselves from. Those were our created realities for our own human experiences here.

As you work with this new framework, you see all of the alternate realities available now. You are the anchor of the new realities for all now. Each light being now has the ability within them to see the NEW CIVILIZATIONS already formed. You can see what has already occurred, which gives you the capability to assist in what needs to be done. Just by being, you transmit these codes to all. When you speak, connect, share, you assist all. In your sleep state you are working in every dimensional reality that is not in your visible physical one. You are DOING in all others what needs to be done for all to converge in your physical one. Sleep is the gift that allows you to do what you cannot do in a waking state. Your consciousness dictates how much you can do this with awareness and participate with intention. The rest will clear timelines you held within your old earth body structure energetically and physically. You need not focus on this part, as you will be shown what you need to see. The rest is no longer important. Your body upgrades in light and new programming is activated when you sleep as well. You connect with other Souls/LightBeings here. Sleep is a gift. Utilize it.

The more you embrace, the more you allow, the more you open totally up and let go, rest/relax, the more you listen, the more you choose, the more you focus on your Embodiment of Higher Light and honor your process, the easier all becomes, the more you come online to BE ON NEW EARTH at all times NOW.

Your human aspect is your limit, so identify this within you. Love it for fulfilling it’s purpose and release it from it’s need to be in charge anymore. Recognize when it goes into old programmed illusions and beliefs. You have the POWER to OVERRIDE it with your HEART-KNOWLEDGE BELIEFS. All of this is inside of you. Where you hold back you allow yourself to become a small human and forget again.

REMEMBER YOUR POWER and the Pure Divine Essence LOVE that you are. Anything less is an old program that has been rendered obsolete the moment you become conscious of it. You have more power than you ever knew. It comes from inside of you as you commit and invest in you and realize that every conscious choice moment you are in-service here.

HOLD THE LIGHT and the rest will upgrade/arrive for you. Change your perceptions. Expand your heart and mind yourself. You need not wait for anything anymore. Everything is HERE NOW. Your beliefs and conscious actions are what cause instant materialization in your physical reality for you. Challenge your own beliefs and mentalities in every moment. You are in total command. You always have been. The only difference in old earth and NEW Earth is your own consciousness. ♥

You are a Crystal, a transmitter and as you determine what you are willing to receive, you tune your own self as a crystal. As you focus on receiving light and integrating it into your crystalline structure you in turn transmit your new. Every bit of this is you. ♥

I love you! ♥

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