About GOD

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About GOD

in all honesty – what matters is our relationship to God, the real living Father of all, and how we apply His image and not all the doctrines of any religions created by men of unscrupulous nature trying to gain power and control over others.

With God in our hearts and ours in the Father – in esoteric ( living from inside) by living through God’s pure love is thats all needed independent of anything else <3 live in God’s love for all.

The time of separation and deceit is over – and Oneness in love is all there is to be in Him.

All this I found despite of religion somehow, not because of religion which I have been guided to go through late in life – being born as protestant christian (not practiced), hinduism, buddhism shortly and now islam shortly, but I do appreciate we all have our individual journey from Him and back to Him, growing our soul.

Amen <3

Kind regards
Jan B Frederiksen


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