A daily blessing

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My daily blessing.

Today as so many other days my blessings are not countable – however one specific episode is so clear that I want to share it with you all.
The last period has been a little challenging to always sense whether this or that direction is right. However when I started to create Radical Transformation Retreat – which you can see in the events – One Planet – One Humanity – One Love – it all clicked, together with some other experiences of love around me and in me. So today was a calmness day – a day of reflection and new teachings came to me from my guides. I then got a little confused and really wanted to be sure that I was in the right direction – so while walking my daily walk in the park, I asked for clear sign, unmistakable signs – so that I could just move on without worry and fully in love.
When I came out from the shop – after shopping daily needs – the sign was so clear, so bright, so unmistakable. The day had been a little cloudy – but sun always shined. When I came out – just over me in a little rainy cloud – was the Rainbows – not one but TWO, so clear so bright, with all the colours from yellow to violet, so clear. And I have not experienced that since 2008 when I entered the Buddhist Tempel in Bali – from where my real inner journey started. I am so gratefull for my life now, in the now, and wish to share all the blessings with you too – and will share all the grace surrounding me and other from my deepest heart of love.
Live in love – Jan

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